Venues, Parties

Venues for Wedding, Birthday/  Corporate Meeting/ Private Group Party/ Festivals or Events  / seminar   

We can Host up to 250 guests.

Please contact our host ( in the Contact Page) for a meeting.

–  We have Courtyard Group Dinning facility, Swimming pool side, and outdoor deck dinning facility.

–  We have a total venue hosting captivity of up to 250 guests (Court yard & Restaurant dining hall 160 guests)   , plus additional 100 guest on the pool side Dinning venue (100 guests).  

–  We can cater your guests for special venue, such as wedding, birthday, corporate meeting, seminars, festivals  or  event hosting.

–  We have separate menus  for our fine authentic Asian  dinning, American dinning or Honduran Dish….. we can even custom made upon your request.

–  We have a full liquid / alcohol bar facility.

–  We can cater large swimming pool size party, with gourmet dinner, pool side dinning / drinking service.

–  We are located on the heart of Sandy Bay, no need to driving, but if you wish to drive, then our private parking lot can house up to 50 vehicles… no problem.